Welcome to Jaipur Rural Health And Development Trust

The Jaipur rural health and development trust is a registered independent organization under Rajasthan Public Charitable Act at no. 9-JP-85 demonstrating between community based organizations, international NGO’s and government agencies in the different part of social development issues like; SHG formation, health, Sanitation, Education, Vocational trainings for youths from the privileged communities. The mission of JRHDT is to reach out to the adolescent youths at risk and to build safer, healthier and productive communities of all the age people capable of supporting self—directed growth, positive citizenship and diseases free environment and the livelihood promotion module which combines formal education, health issues with Vocational Training Skill development training.
JRHDT was initiated in 1983, as an innovative public charitable trust to demonstrate a model to address poverty alleviation through livelihood needs of unemployed youths who are at risk to equitable and promising market oriented Vocational Training opportunities. And also to support the women through formation of SHG’s on the part of various income generation opportunities and awareness on health to make this community disease free and healthy environment.
JRHDT Project works with the partners such as (cbo’s, int’l ngo and government) to provide operational and technical on site and off site facilitation, capacity building and A networking support for whole unprivileged communities in competencies development encompassing the following:
1. Development of a diseases free environment through various awareness campaigns on health issues.
2. Empowerment of women through Self help group activities to develop their income sources.
3. Access to unemployed youths and development a learning improvement program in formal schools and vocational education training centers.
4. Improved holistic education and skill development program management through stakeholders involvement system at business, education, government and community level
The implemented project has demonstrated a model of collaboration between CBO-NGO — government —citizen groups in the field of child labor, health and rehabilitation. Through this model, the organization has made the benchmark in the community Vision: To provide end—to—end community based solutions provider in linking quality health, education, sanitation anti sustainable livelihoods for the people of vulnerable communities